The I.N.F.E.Vision video song contest is a video song contest held by the International Network of Fanclubs of Eurovision (I.N.F.E.) and takes place via the network. The first contest took place in 2011 and after a break of two years (2015-2016) came back in 2017 with Azerbaijan being the host country.
The right to participate in this contest have all the member-clubs of the INFE network. Every local club can choose via an internal process an artist from its country and a song in the country’s language or English alongside with the official video of the competing entry. The duration of the song must be less than 5’ and the production year has to be within the last two years. In the first two editions of the contest the participants could have been individuals by selecting a country from around the world but due to the expansion of INFE and as more nations joined the Network it was decided to be organized among the clubs. However each year’s terms may change according to the host country’s special rules but the general framework remains the same.




First edition of the new video song contest and more than 48 songs participated through 48 countries chosen individually by members of the INFE Network . Giannis Moraitis with his song Gia prwti fora ( For the first time)  gathered a total of 193 leaving USA at 2nd place.

See here all the voting  and below  the scoreboard with all the points and the overall draw of Infevision’s first edition.





After Giannis Moraitis’ victory in 2011 the INFEvision was hosted in Greece and took place on September 2012 in Athens. A total of 19 countries participated as they were chosen by the local fan clubs of I.N.F.E . Winner this time was a non European country, Tunisia! The country was represented by Emel Mathlouthi  and her song Ma Lkit (Lost) which won with 111 points leaving behind Spain.

The whole voting was really close and only in the last set of votes was the winner determined. You can watch here the voting and below the scoreboard with the final draw.

infevision 2012 score


                     INFEVISION 2013 : FRANCE    


It was Tunisia’s turn to host the contest after last year’s Emel’s victory. In this edition 10 countries chose a two artists and two songs to represent each one. The worldwide famous singer Stromae gave the victory to France with the song Papaoutai. 

You can watch the whole voting process on the video here directed in the host country.





The contest moves to France after Stromae’s victory in 2013. For another year the crown remains in the host country which manages to top the scoreboard. 18 songs participated, two from each country and the French representative, Indila gives to France its second victory in a row with her worldwide hit Dernière Danse.

You can watch here all the countries and songs that participated in Infevision 2014 .

The contest took a two year break , so 2015 and 2016 were years without INFEvision.                                                                                                                       

           INFEVISION 2017 : United Kingdom    Image result for uk flag                                                       


The contest makes a strong comeback among the INFE Network’s members. Host country the Land of fire, Azerbaijan which called us to sing with the wind. 14 countries from all the world through their local INFE clubs participated to score the necessary points to climb to the top.  14 powerful songs battled for victory. Take a look below to all the participating songs

The voting turned out tobe a race for two with the UK and Greece battling up to the last set of votes to win the trophy. Eventually the international voting from around the world gave a two points margin to the UK and Peyton enough to be crowned winner of INFEVision 2017 with his lovely song


Congratulations to Peyton who was crowned winner of INFEVision Video Contest 2017 representing the UK and the INFE UK – The UK Eurovision Fanclub ! Enjoy once more below the winning music video with its strong social messages:


                                                                                                                                                         INFEVISION 2018


The Video Contest will fly to Eastern Europe after the UK’s withdrawal from the competition. It’s time for Belarus and the city of Minsk to host the event and Unite as by music according to this year’s moto #unitedbymusic. Infevision Video Contest goes again global and a new record of 18 countries will be participating from all over the globe in this year’s edition. A total of 18 INFE clubs will select their entries alongside with their music videos and battle for this year’s edition that will take place on the 15th of December 2018.