According to the Montegerin national broadcaster, RTCG, next week the national selection quest for the Eurovsion 2019 act will formally begin.

The adminstrative council of the broadcaster has adopted specific measures that open the way for RTCG to begin with the national selection process. Specifically, council that supervises the state channel has approved of two changes according to which the national selection must develope.Firstly, the songs can be perfromed in Monteregin language or even English, whilst from the day submissions are completed the broadcaster has a period of 30 days to review the song instead of 45 days that had in the past.

RTCG, has seven days in its disposal in order to announce which will be the terms of the national selection of the act and song fro Eurovision 2019.

The Eurovision Story So Far

Montengro made its debut in the contest in 2007 as an independed country. It particpated until 2010 when it decided to withdraw due to financial reasons. In 2012 the country made its Eurovision comeback. In 2014 Sergej Ćetković and his song Moj svijet represented the country and achieved for the first time to qualify to the Grand final, ending in 19th place. One year later  Knez with his entry Adio scored the country’s best result by finishing 13th in the Grand final. In 2017 Slavko Kalezić, finished 16th in the semi final with the song  Space. 

Last year, the country after a lot of years of internal selections revived the national final of  Montevizija, winner of which was Vanja Radovanovic , who flew to Lisbon with his song Inje, finishing in 16th place in the second semi final .

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