Eleni Foureira puts the stage on fire during her LOS 40 Music Awards performance

Eleni Foureira puts the stage on fire during her LOS 40 Music Awards performance

Last evening  the LOS 40 Music Awards took place in Spain , where among other acts Eleni Foureira got on stage to perform  Fuego , which remains one of the biggest hits in Spain. The popular artist has managed to top the spanish charts, among them that of  radio station Los 40  while Fuego has gone two times platinum in the country. The Queen slays and brings massive enthusiasm between the spanish fans!

The Los 40 Music Awards

Τα Los 40 Music Awards are a very popular music event in Spain as they are held annually under the umbrella of the radio station  Los 40 and reach back to the year  2006 as Premios 40 Principales. The specific radio station is one of the most important in the country attracting an audience of 4.000.000 people especially among the young ages. This is the 13th edition of the event and during all these years a big number of popular and famous acts and celebritites have attended the music event.

This Year’s Acts

A lot of Spanish but generally well known artists attended this year’s edition of the Music Awards. Some of the name present at the significant music event were:: Dua Lipa, David Guetta, Bebe Rexha, Melendi, Pablo Alborán, Anne-Marie, Dani Martín, Piso 21, Sofía Reyes, Bazzi, David Bisbal, Tom Walker, Malú, Pablo López, Aitana, Ana Guerra and Eleni Foureira.

Anna Guerra and Aitana are known to the fans from last season’s talent show Operacion Triunfo. The two acts were nominated for the Best New Artist category.  On the other hand their Eurovision national selection entry Lo Malo was one of the biggest hits in Spain and was nominated for Best Song of the year. 

David Bisbal had participated in the Spanish national final back in 2002 and came second while he was a backing vocalist the same year for the spanish entry. In the Awards’ event he was nominated in the Golden Music Award category.

Hosts of the show were Tony Aguilar (Spanish Eurovision commentator), Cristina Boscá and Dani Moreno.

Watch below the whole event with all the nominations and perfromaces among them that of explosive Eleni Foureira performance of Fugeo (from 9:15 – 12:50) :

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