Czech Republic: These are the 8 ESCZ 2019 national final contestants and songs

Czech Republic: These are the 8 ESCZ 2019 national final contestants and songs

The Czech national broadcaster, Česká televize (ČT) has announced the national final participating acts and the entries of ESCZ 2019.

The Contestants And their Entries

Namely the acts and entries that will compete in the national final are:

  1. Jára Vymer – On My Knees
  2. Andrea Holá – Give Me a Hint
  3. Pam Rabbit – Easy To Believe
  4. Barbora Mochowa – True Colors
  5. Jakub Ondra – Space Sushi
  6. Hana Barbara – Poslední slova tobě 
  7. Tomáš Bocek – Don’t Know Why
  8. Lake Malawi – Friend of a Friend

You can listen to the 8 competing enries in the following Youtube playlist:


The competing songs are availiable on the official Eurovision app through which fans can cast their votes, but their votes will be counted in a way depended on where they are located.

Votes coming from within the country, will count as part of the televoting while votes from rest of the world  will count as one jury vote. Meanwhile the internationl juror are able to cast their own votes. 

Fans can submit ther vote only one time and submission is free of charge. The online voting ends on  January 21 while the results will be revealed at the end of this month. All categories of voters will have to award points from  1 to 8 missing out  6 and 7 (1,2,3,4,6,8). Therefore only 6  out of 8 entries will get points with each set of votes. The entry that will receive the highest combined voted will be the final winner. In case of a tie televoting will determine the outcome.

Last year the country was represnted by Mikolas Josef who gave to Czech Republic its best result placed 6th with his entry ‘Lie to Me’!


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