France sends Twin Twin to Eurovision

France sends Twin Twin to Eurovision

Today France held its national final and decided to be represented in Copenhagen by the group Twin Twin and their song “Moustache”.

Twin Twin is a trio based in Paris consisting in Lorent-Idir and François-Djemel, founders of the group, and Patrick Biyik. Lorent-Idir and François-Djemel are twins, therefore the name of the group.

The group was formed at the beginning of 2010 but their first album was released in 2013, under the name of “Vive La Vie”. Their musical styles includes hip-hop, pop and electronic music. It has influences of other groups such as “Téléphone” and “NTM”. Their aim is to bring joy and good mood to their public.

Lorent Idir is the soloist of the group and also writer and composer. François Djemel is a DJ and plays the guitar. Patrick Biyik plays the keyboard.

Twin Twin, with their colorful look, will sing the song “Moustache” at the 59th Eurovision Song Contest. Their song is about a mustache and it’s not to be taken too seriously. Fun music and funny lyrics.

The final result was a combination of the votes of the public, a professional jury made up of music professionals and fans.

France is a member of the Big-5, so it’s directly qualified for the final on May 10, 2014

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