Belgium 2018 : Watch Sennek’s second rehearsal

Belgium 2018 : Watch Sennek’s second rehearsal

Fourth on the stage is Laura Groeseneken or known as SENNEK. The artist, though initially was among the favorites of this year’s event, gradually began to fall on the bets as the vocal result in both events and the first rehearsal was not desirable.

A Matter Of Time begins again with the eyes of the performer while we slowly see the whole SENNEK. She wears the same dress with the first rehearsal while the atmosphere is quite dark adjusting to the mysterious style of the song.

There are still some instincts in vocals, but it is far better to rehearse than the first. Voices support the artist even more while the camera follows her while walking. There are, of course, some issues with the shots that have improved a lot in the second run.

Generally the rehearsal went much better than the first one.

Chrysostomos Kontakiotis

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