2nd Rehearsal : Armenia, San Marino, Russia

2nd Rehearsal : Armenia, San Marino, Russia

The second rehearsals for Armenia, San Marino and Russia have just started and in today’s rehearsal the Armenian Godess Iveta showed to us  the Semi-Final outfit for the first time and it was quite sassy…..

_P6_4864 On TV, you will see a projection that duplicates images of Iveta next to her and a flashing path of lights illuminate the stage floor while Iveta continues backed by her unseen backing singers. A slew of holograms appear of Iveta in the middle of the song and then disappear as quickly as Iveta herself, because after the first rehearsal she’s gone.


And after the show from Iveta, we have the entry from San Marino to rehearse for it’s second time. _P6_4894

The singer Serhat even if he was a bit tired as he said, he was very happy to be in Globen Arena to be with all the people. In his 2nd rehearsal he wore a burgundy crimson hat and he joined it by a matching burgundy suit. The female dancers are still in the background and has been given silver-colored costumes. Even though it was a technical and the hologram that was on plan to be used was off, but it does not seem to be a concern for Serhat as he continued to perform and all the staging went well during the rehearsal.


And  here come the Russian entry for it’s second  rehearsal……..

_P6_4982Despite his fall in the first rehearsal Sergey came to the stage full of energy and he continues his journey to the stars as his performance feels like a trip in space. Joined by five black dressed male dancers with the number of special effects being increased, Sergey give us a message that he will be a strong canditate and a hard nut to crack for the semi final of the 1oth of May.  At the end of his performance Sergey and the advanced act got loud applause by the press after his rehearsal. 


Chrysostomos Kontakiotis

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