2nd Rehearsal : Czech Republic, Cyprus, Austria

2nd Rehearsal : Czech Republic, Cyprus, Austria

And we continue before the break in the Globen Arena with Czech Republic.


Gabriela today seemed more confident, simple and relaxed and her performance looked very consistent on stage today: great colours, elegant dress and a powerful voice and with pure class as towards the end of the song all of the colours blend together to give the flower effect from her promotional video.


And after the calm here comes the pure rock storm from Cyprus that completed their second rehearsal and they rocked everyone in the Arena.  _P6_5097 The band are all dressed in black and as in the first rehearsal there are cages around the drummer and some of the other band members. The second rehearsal was clearer and the music was also sharper. The back drop is dark blue with the pounding lights and there are black and white colour changes and flashes of wolves while the lead singer howls to the moon.


And last before the break but certainly not least came Austria with a delightful Zoe and her beautiful careless song full of a fairytale.TH000014528

The song starts out with all blue as a background and ZOË appears in her peach coloured bridesmaid type dress. As she walks forward a yellow light can be seen in the background representing the sun. Blue floating pieces fly out from the stage as she continues to walk and a whole group of red poppies sprout. There is a white paving on the floor guiding ZOË and while the song is growing the stage turns pink and trees begin to grow. The song continues with a whole mass of colour on stage.


Chrysostomos Kontakiotis

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