2nd rehearsal: Denmark – Ukraine – Norway

2nd rehearsal: Denmark – Ukraine – Norway

Last break for today and we are back again with the last 6 countries of the second semi final.

xThe boy band Lighthouse X is ready to get on stage for Denmark. The 3 members of the group  are alone on stage. The are standing in the middle of the stage casual dancing  some choreography around luminous microphone stands and a variety of spotlights was illuminating around the whole stage area. All of them are dressed in black. They are very confident on stage and vocally very stable and better than the Nationa Final.


jamalaAnd now it is time for the VOICE of Eurovision 2016. Jamala is on stage alone, no dancing no special effects. Just a visible tunnel in the beggining of the performance, lights and her voice. She wears a dark navy blue dress. Yellow, red and green lights are displayed on the video wall onthe LED floor. A unique performance from a real artist. If you thing we are over reacting just click the video below.


agnete-rehearsal-600x400Next to get on stage is the Diva of this years Eurovision, Agnete. Agnete is wearing the same white dress as in the Norwegian national Final. She starts her performance on a raised stage and next to her on an other stage is her dancer. Icy colors on the screens and vocally stable as always.





Stefanos Charpantidis

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