2nd Rehearsal : Estonia – Azerbaijan – Montenegro

2nd Rehearsal : Estonia – Azerbaijan – Montenegro

After the second break. we are back at Globe Arena for the last 6 countries of the first semi final. Next country on stage is Estonia.

αJüri Pootsmann is again on stage, after his first rehearsal, 2 days ago. In today’s rehearsal he seems a little bit anxious. He wears the same blue suit and white shirt, like the first rehearsal but without his eyeglasses. Red details, hearts, clubs and diamonds are constructing a weird – gambling scenery. We can also see the face of the singer on some cards. Last but not least, Juri turns into a magician and he plays a little trick with a card.

1The magician from Estonia is off stage and a miracle from Azerbaijan, Samra, is on stage now. On this second rehearsal the main goal for the team of Azerbaijan, is to choose the outfit for the semi final show: an all-gold, cross-hatched catsuit or an elegant patterned white bodysuit.

Again there are 2 dancers (boys) and 2 back vocalitsts (girls), all
dressed in golden outfits. Her voice is unstable again (she has the flu since the first rehearsal). The stage is filled in with red and golden lights.

9Time for some Real – and Rock – Things now. The Montenegrin pop-rock band Highway is on stage and ready to perform for the second time. The stage is dark with some white, blue and red lights that are blinking. The leader singer walks from the back of the stage to meet up the rest of the group. On stage, there is also a white square, and a girl who is dancing and singing in it. In the end of the song, we have a change, as the singer joins the girl and they finish the song together.


Stefanos Charpantidis

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