2nd rehearsal: Georgia – Albania – Belgium

2nd rehearsal: Georgia – Albania – Belgium

_AP67069Georgia is here to rock things up. Blue, purple, yellow and white lights are flashing.  The act is shown using quick camera cuts and zooms, supported by flashing lights and animations, creating a psychedelic look and feel that sometimes resembles a caleidoscope. The lead singer is not wearing his hat today. As the song goes on. we have the feeling that it is more energetic. Vocally they have no problem in the performance.


After the rock band from Georgia, it is time to relax again, with a fairytail from Albania. Eneda Tarifa is on stage TH0000214_4with o long gold dress. In the beggining it seems that trere is some kind of broblem with her voice. But she overcomes it quickly. Eneda starts her performance looking straight into the camera while the lights on the stage are blue. As the performance goes on the stage takes a golden shading. Three back vocalists are standing in the background dreesed in total black.



_AP67198Last but not least on stage is Belgium with Laura. Laura is full of energy, dances, sings and jumps around. Her vocal performance is not affected at all by all the energy needed for the dance routine. She wears a sparkly silver jacket and shorts and the four back vocalists are dressed in white.





Stefanos Charpantidis

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