2nd rehearsal: Germany – Italy – UK

2nd rehearsal: Germany – Italy – UK

γερμανιαHere we are again. Back in Globe arena. And now is Germany’s turn to get on stage. Jamie-Lee wears the same outfit as yesterday. The same light blue Decora-kei style outfit. She comes out of a haunted forest. Vocally she has no problem to perform her song. Α unique performance this year for Germany.

After Germany gets off stage, it is time for Italy and Francesca to get_AP67706 on it. Francesca is on now and her voice is all around the Globe arena. A fantastic performance. Ballons, diamonds, 3D glasses are all there like her 1st rehearsal. I think Italy is ready for Saturday’s Grand Final.

“I worked with Nicoline Lindeborg Refsing. Some of the things will change of course – I would like to put more symbols of my project there: more balloons, more diamonds, more 3D glasses – the things you see in my official video of No Degree Of Separation – and more natural things, like apples. Some people tell me: Please keep the parrot. But actually I want to do the opposite, to free the parrot. Animals are to be free, and that’s why I took it away” said Francesca.

ANV_7598UK is the last country to get on stage today. With UK’s rehearsal, the 2nd round of rehearsals will be over for all countries. They are dressed casually in jeans and T-Shirt and a black jacket, Joe starts his vocal and in the background there are blue and pink spotlights. Jake on the other hand plays his guitar. The background if full of pictures with smiling faces. A good second rehearsal for UK.

Stefanos Charpantidis

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