2nd Rehearsal: Hungary – Croatia – The Netherlands

2nd Rehearsal: Hungary – Croatia – The Netherlands

TH0000145_2Next on stage was Hungary. Freddie got on the stage for his second performance of Pioneer and he made the best out of it. His whole interpretation is totally natural as he wants it to be, showing himself as he is in his real life, as he stated in the press conference. Even his clothes reflect this, dressed  in a brown leather jacket and ripped jeans.

Concerning the technical part, the elements of lightnings on the backdrop were added. In the second rehearsal, some camera improvements were made. The stage floor is a refreshing orange marble colour with yellow spotlights towards the back. To Freddie’s left his drummer bangs the drums and dances away



Next on stage Croatia and Nina’s “Lighthouse”. This act has surely made  a point with her costume !The enormous silvery grey dress with black twig like features is something that without doubt catches one attention.

After the first chorus, four monk figures in black arrive on stage and remove the first costume to reveal another unusual costum. This time its a white and silver feathery thing.

Nina stands in the center of the stage without any movement just singing the song. At the last chorus though, Nina steps up the vocals.

Watch below Nina’s second rehearsal of Lighthouse:

TH00001455_1Last but not least to rehearse before the first break was David for the Netherlands .  His performance and through this rehearsal showed that he has no intention of “slowing down”.

Douwe is dressed in a dark blue suit and white shirt. There is a clock on the stage floor with a black middle and the outer rim is yellow. Douwe stands between the numbers strumming his guitar and is accompanied by a piano player, a drummer and two other guitarists.

For once more the whole performance is intimate and gives you the feeling of listening to a warm band that you can hear in your local bar.


Angelo D.

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