2nd Rehearsal: Iceland – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Malta

2nd Rehearsal: Iceland – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Malta

οοοοGreta from Iceland is a little bit late but ready for her 2nd rehearsal. We have the same scenery again, with a video wall in the back. Icy colours are filling in the stage and we have  images of hands and birds that gives the impression of attacking and grabbing the singer where she stands alone on stage wearing a leather outfit with long fringes. We can hear clearly the back vocals but we can’t see them. Greta gets down on her knees at some point and the floor is flashing. The Television broadcasting is focused on Greta and on the video wall and won’t have a lot of distant shots. The video wall tells us  a story…. lets find it out…..

Last but not least on stage is Bosnia and Herzegovina.  On the first _P6_5602shot we see Ana Rucner playing her cello. All the artists are wearing black outfits (and the back vocalists). They are also wearing some kind of cape made of aluminum foil. Dalal wears a red long dressunder her cape. In the middle of the stage we can see a  barbed wire fence, which seperates the two singers who sing on either side of it facing each other. When the raper Jala appears, Dalal and Deen are coming in the middle of the stage and they finish the act together.

ρρρρρ Last to get on stage today is Ira Losco from Malta. Ira is wearing a gold and black dress with a long train. She is alone on stage with her dancer. Everything is blue on the background. The dancer is on the floor and you have the feeling that he dances on water. At some point we have a panoramic view of the stage and we can see Ira and her dancer not on but in water. The lights in the stadium are everywhere.

Stefanos Charpantidis

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