2nd Rehearsal: Ireland, F.Y.R.O.M, Lithuania

2nd Rehearsal: Ireland, F.Y.R.O.M, Lithuania

The Irish delegation arrived after the break for their second rehearsal at the Globe Arena, and were in good spirits. After their satisfaction of their first round of rehearsals the Irish delegation are also reluctant to change it as everything did actually sound ok, but they will make a final judgement on it today. TH000022_3The second rehearsal went well, with some adjustments visually as well, with Byrne making much more use of the huge stage, by using the catwalk and moving out to the satellite stage at the conclusion of the song. He connects well with the cameras throughout his performance and gives a strong delivery of Sunlight.




And after the Irish entry it’s time for F.Y.R.O.M to rehearse next with a very refreshing and happy Kaliopi who standed under the blue spotlights, wearing a light purple dress and a black cloak

_AP66618 There are no fany gimmicks here as she stands and sings the song aided by her three harmonising female backing singers. To her left a drummer sits, though what he’s doing there isn’t exactly clear. The camera pulls out to a few view of the arena during the chorus and the red and yellow fire effect is used.



Lithuania followed with Donny who had his hair re-done by Hovi Star. He was wearing a black leather jacket with blue sleeves and messages emblazoned on it like #FAITH and 1991, plus sparkly green sneakers. The choreography that he made during the performance through the smoke on the trampoline it was a disaster as he might twisted his wrist. TH000022_19There were lots of green lights shooting out and exploding on the floor, with lots of lights streaming out from the back wall. This first rehearsal has probably sealed Lithuania’s fate but there’s still more chances till the 10th of May.


Chrysostomos Kontakiotis

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