2nd Rehearsal: Israel, Belarus, Serbia

2nd Rehearsal: Israel, Belarus, Serbia

The 7th song for today’s rehearsal at the Globe Arena in Stockholm came from Israel with a very confident Hovi. Hovi was placed in the middle of a starry background with other star symbols being projected on the screen

._AP66386 Wearing an all-black outfit he is accompanied on stage by two artists dancing in a hoop.


And after Israel we have the Belarusian delegation for it’s second rehearsal in the Globen Arena where Ivan TH00001  gave another strong performance of his song Help You Fly and he is definitely naked and surrounded by wolves… if only through the projected holograms.


And last before the interval came Serbia where we saw that the Serbian delegation included several small changes in the presentation of the song such us a new design for the LED backdrop, featuring women’s faces, a few camera angles and shots and the artists on stage also appeared in a slightly different style


_AP66488 like the backing vocalists had a different hairstyle and make-up and also Sanja herself appeared much more different than the first rehearsal.

Chrysostomos Kontakiotis

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