2nd Rehearsal: Latvia – Poland – Switzerland

2nd Rehearsal: Latvia – Poland – Switzerland

Sixth day of rehearsals at the Globen Arena and for some countries their 2nd rehearsal is a fact.


TH0000145767_1This time  some changes took place  for the Latvian stage since the first rehearsal: the lighting is restricted to black and white,as straight white lines cross the middle of the stage. During the chorus, these lines  start pulsating while on the background of the stage we have red laser beams .

Just’s, who was wearing a black leather jacket, gave yet another good vocally performance of Heartbeat, using strong gestures and expressions to convey the emotions of the song.

Take a look below at Just’s last rehearsal:


_AP66217In this second rehearsal not much has changed in the performance since the first one. Mostly some improvements in lighting and camera shots.

The Polish artists premiered today their stage outfit , due to the loss of their luggage while traveling to Stockholm.  Today  were all set with black dressed musicians with leather jackets. Michal Szpak himself wears black pants and a prince inspired red velvet jacket.

Watch the 2nd rehearsal of the Polish contestant below:



TH00001_2Rykka got on stage  wearing a dark brown tank top and  not wearing shoes.She starts the song with the smoke bellowing from her body. She then walks down towards the front of the stage will her dress flows with the wind machine.

As the song goes on there is a large waterfall effect behind her as she walks to the front of the stage. There are also more lights illuminating from the stage floor. The use of the golden pyrotechnics to create a waterfall are also featured in the last run through.

At the end she moves to the front of the stage and sings looking directly to the audience. He vocals are perfect and her performance really intimate.

Angelo D.

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