2nd Rehearsals : Sweden, Spain, France

2nd Rehearsals : Sweden, Spain, France

And starting for today’s rehearsals Frans from Sweden who stands at the microphone and he is seen on the right and then the left of the screen, with a totally black background. There are some blue lights shine through the darkness and a wall of yellow lights come on behind him, and he continues with the microphone really close to his mouth making strong efforts to just sing.

_AP67408  Just like the first Rehearsal several key-words from the lyrics are flashed on in the background and towards the end he walks forward on the stage which by this time is totally blue except for the glistening yellow lights behind him.

And after the disappointment from Sweden the second country to rehearse today was France with Amir being fresh and ready to sing and with his warm voice and catchy song created a happy atmosphere in the Globe Arena.

TH0000214_4There are blue lights on the wall in the background, and the whole feel is that it takes place in outer space. Planets surge forward and the stage  lights to look like stars and a galaxy. There are no backing singers on the stage with him. Amir  stands at the front of the stage at the end of the song with the stage lights flashing behind him.


And last before the break and again not the least is Spain with a very energetic Barei who tried a similar outfit for this rehearsal, a bit longer and made of a heavier fabric, and a totally different hairdo. The backing singers are still wearing the sport long t-shirts styled as mini dresses and all are wearing the sport shoes. The spin and falling gimmick is still being used but the lights go out now too, as if everything has gone wrong. However Barei recovers from the floor, and continues with her dance moves of the year…!!!!

Chrysostomos Kontakiotis

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