Israel: The “Next Star” for Vienna starts on December 9th.

Israel: The “Next Star”  for Vienna starts on December 9th.

The Next Star, the mechanism to choose the Israeli representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 will start on the December 9th with the auditions part of the competition. However the date of the final show hasn’t been revealed.

The Next Star or Hakochav Haba as called in hebrew,  is an interactive singing competition created by Keshet Broadcasting. Keshet,  is broadcasting its programs on Channel 2. The competition is based on the performance of artists in front of a closed screen which is lifted every time  the competing artist gathers an amount of 70% of the votes coming from a jury and the public viewing. Once that is achieved he moves on to the next phase of the competition and this takes place in phases until the final artist is declared as the winner and the Next Star.

The show will be hosted by Asi Azar and Rotem Sela. The jury of the show will be formed by Assaf Etedgi, Mookie, Keren Peles and Harel Skaat – the latest being the Israeli representative to Eurovision 2010.

So stay tuned to see which will be the Next Star to represent Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna.

Angelo D.

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