Azerbaijan 2018: Aisel’s second rehearsal on stage

Azerbaijan 2018: Aisel’s second rehearsal on stage

Yesterday evening, the first technical rehearsal for the countries participating in the two semifinals of this year’s Eurovision were completed in Altice arena, and today, the second technical rehearsals begun with Aisel from Azerbaijan opening the curtain.

As it is already known, the Greek Dream Team hides behind this year’s Azerbaijani entry, which signs “X My Heart” (Cross My Heart), with Dimitris Kontopoulos having composed the music, Phokas Evangelinos directing, but also Alex Panagi, Elias Kokotos and other important Greek professionals in the field, to be on the delegation.

Aisel, dressed in white as in the first rehearsal, starts singning lying down on a rock. White color dominates. Singers in vocals also wear white, while they participate with her in choreography, from the second chorus.

There is also a wind machine in the chorus. In the second chorus,the structures are illuminated and there are headlamps behind and after the song’s bridge in the last chorus, there is a special effect, where around Aisel a kind of glitter falls, making her appearance even more intense and impressive.

Azerbaijan uses special effects, which will be shown only on our television receivers (stars, lights). The only minor change that have been made are lighting and vocals that are even more regulated. Aisel’s voice is very good and she gives us a smile as the result is perfect.

The well-known Greek choreographer and director, Fokas Evangelinos, declared, after the first rehearsal, to INFE Greece:

“From the very first moment I heard the song, I was optimistic. Lyrics and music played an equal role in this. The stage presence is based on linear formations of elements that create a series of futuristic mountains. In addition, we combined all these luminous elements with a theatrical approach.
The message we want to pass is that if each of us believes in himself, he can reach the highest peak. This achievement, the intense experience of this path, creates the need to pass the message of faith to ourselves. Encourage more people to chase the top”.

The Azerbaijani delegation declared, after the second rehearsal, that there are going to be some more changes in the lightnings and the visual effect of the song will be a little more improved. A very good second rehearsal for Azerbaijan!

Chrysostomos Kontakiotis

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