The official videoclip of the Azerbaijani Esc 2018 entry.

The official videoclip of the Azerbaijani Esc 2018 entry.

Azerbaijan’s official video clip for this year’s eurovision song contest , “X My Heart”, has been released a few minutes ago on YouTube. The visualization of the song was done in Greece, under the direction of the Roula Koutroumbeli.

After the official release of “X My Heart” and warm welcome from the audience (it has already reached the top of the i-tunes charts in Slovenia and entered the top100 of the Netherlands and Norway), it’s time to see the official video clip of the song.

While the Dream Team is preparing for the stage appearance of Aisel in Lisbon directed by the Greek choreographer Fokas Evangelinos, we now can see the X My Heart video clip, filmed in various areas of Athens and Thebes, early last month..

Director of the video clip is Roula Koutroumbeli, as mentioned above, who has more than 20 years of experience in theater, participating in dozens of successful performances of the National Theater of Greece. A great step in her career was her participation in the Athens Olympics, as a choreographer assistant to Dimitris Papaioannou. For this new professional challenge she said:

“When I first heard the song I felt optimism, happiness, innocence and excitement. It was clear to me from the beginning that I should use a child in the video clip. The child symbolizes Aisel’s inner childhood and helped me to describe all the above feelings I felt when I heard the song. When we communicate with the child we hide within us, we feel that everything is possible, that “we can cross our hearts and throw the protective walls” … as the lyrics of the song say. I am very happy to have worked with the multi-talented musician and singer Aisel and I wish her the best and best success in the Eurovision Song Contest”.

This year’s Azerbaijan press release ends with the wish that the X My Heart video clip conquers the hearts of all those who will be on the Aisel route to Lisbon.

Watch the X My Heart video clip below:

Chrysostomos Kontakiotis

One thought on “The official videoclip of the Azerbaijani Esc 2018 entry.

  1. I don”t like Belgium but the presence of Belgium with songs left to pick looks worse for Azerbaijan now. Bare in mind now as we speak we have the THREE top placed countries in the betting odds in this first half (Czech Republic, Estonia, Bulgaria) like I said I don”t like Belgium but its got the ability to do very well in the jury and qualify on that alone so right now you have potentially only one spot left if we are going by the usual 5 only rule from the first half. Bare in mind we still have Lithuania who are Lithuania and can never be written off and Israel who appear to have high expectations also, also you got Fuego & Monsters in the second half who could drain some of Aisel”s support. Azerbaijan better be well up for the brown envelopes this year like in 2016 otherwise they are in serious trouble here. paperhelp

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