Belarus 2018: Second rehearsal for Alekseev

Belarus 2018: Second rehearsal for Alekseev

Next country to rehearse today is Belarus. Alekseev, on his first technical rehearsal on Sunday, impressed with  his stage performance. As it seems, he kept this well-worked staging today as well and this year’s Belarusian entry, “Forever”, impressed many in Altice Arena once again.


Alekseev was vocally  excellent today, as it seems that he worked quite well in the time that came from the national final. No change in stage appearance as in the first rehearsal we watched. He holds a rose in his hand and the stage is dark with a few shades of orange.


Alekseev before the end of the song gives the flower to the cameraman who turns it to the audience and gives it to the dancer who then throws the rose with an arc in his hand which heals.


In the end, Alekseev turns sharply and we see his back covered with rose petals while others seem to bleed. It earns a lot of applause.


Fotis Kourouvanis

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