Andorra 2019: RTVA to reveal its intentions

Andorra 2019: RTVA to reveal its intentions

As we have left Lisbon and 63rd ESC behind, we are proceeding to the next organization. Already, most EBU members have started thinking and procedures for the next contest in Israel.

One of them, Andorra, this tiny state of Europe, today revealed its final decisions.

Xavier Mujal, Director-General of the National Broadcasting Corporation of Andorra, RTVA, confirmed that Andorra will not participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 or any other Eurovision event for the foreseeable future.

In an interview to, he said:

“We will not participate in Eurovision 2019 or any other EBU’s event, which is related to the cost of participation and logistics for each competition, which is very large for a small company like ours.”

Mujal also confirmed that RTVA does not intend to return to the Eurovision Song Contest in the short or medium term for the aforementioned reasons.

Andorra is the only country that has  participated in the Eurovision Song Contest and has never reached the Grand Final. It made her first appearance in the 2004 contest and participated every year until 2009.

During this time, Andorra approached to qualify in 2007 when only one semi-final was held. Andorra was then represented by Anonymous and the song “Salvem el món”, finishing 12th with only 11 points.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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