It was 1989 when some spanish people had for the first time the idea of creating a fan club for Eurovision. The idea of “eurovision fan” or “eurofan” was not something very common in the 80s. Remember those contests with great pomp and the well-dressed audience? That didn’t match much with the idea of the eurovision followers of nowadays, although it’s true that everything was more formal back then.

In any case, some spanish youngsters contacted each other at the end of the 80s decade (by snail-mail, obviously) and decided to create the “Asociación de Eurovisivos de España” – AEV (Ever wondered why the abbreviation doesn’t match the name??). 22 years later, AEV joined INFE and became INFE Spain, although it has kept their genuine name for many reasons.

If you studied maths at school (and I know you did), you’ll realize that 2014 will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Spanish fan club. In these years, AEV has had 22 annual meetings, has issued almost 100 fanzines (on a quarterly basis, yes, you’re right 25 x 4 = 100) and has performed hundreds of different activities through the years.

To celebrate this anniversary, INFE Spain has scheduled several activities, such as special interviews, video shootings and virtual contests.

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Juanma Lopez

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