Albania 2018: Eugent’s first rehearsal on stage

Albania 2018:  Eugent’s first rehearsal on stage

Eugent Bushpepa from Albania with his rock mid tempo, is the third contestant for his first technical rehearsal at the Altice Arena. A song that has not convinced many in bets and predictions but is coming without doubt from a great voice.

At first we can see a guitarist, and then the camera goes to Eugent. He wears a black suit. He is accompanied by two singers on vocals and two guitarists. His Voice is very powerful. On the screen we can see a lot of shoots from the arena audience.

A song that has not persuaded many in the studio version but in its live is very strong. Will this be enough to qualify? This is a difficult year for Albania competing in a very competitive semi final.

Get a taste of Eugent’s first rehearsal today:

Stefanos Charpantidis

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