The postcards filming process is being continued and,after Austria and Belgium, Albania is the next country to film its postcard for ESC 2018.

Eugent Bushpepa, this year’s  Albanian representative, has already traveled to Portugal in order to film his postcard. The filming took place in the unique city of Aveiro, north western Portugal.

Aveiro, known as the Portuguese Venice,  is considered one of the most charming cities in the country. It is famous for its colorful moliceiros (typical boats that circulate in the Ria de Aveiro and were originally used to harvest the moliço), Art Nouveau architecture and a quiet urban atmosphere.


The postcard concept shows Eugent Bushpepa sailing on the Aveiro River on a moliçeiro and enjoying the sights and sounds of Aveiro. We will also see Eugent discovering fishermen’s dwellings, fish warehouses, the salt mines of the city and the historical buildings of the city.

As Eugent declared, he was very happy and honoured to visit Aveiro and specifically, hestated:

“Aveiro is a very warm and friendly city. I was amazed by the colors, the architecture, the nature and the combination of all these elements. I was inspired with such simplicity and diversity!”

28276578_10155094939466470_3433310912676943779_n“Para disa ditesh Eugenti ishte ne Portugali, ne qytetin Aveiro per te xhiruar kartolinen e Eurosong-ut. Ai u shpreh “Aveiro eshte qytet shume i ngrohte e miqesor. Jam mahnitur nga ngjyrat, arkitektura, natyra dhe kombinimi i ketyre elementeve. Nje diversitet e nje thjeshtesi e tille me ka inspiruar shume!”
A couple of days ago Eugent was in Aveiro – Portugal, to record the postcard of Eurosong. He stated that “Aveiro is a very warm and friendly city. I was amazed by the colors, the architecture, the nature and the combination of all these elements. I was inspired with such simplicity and diversity!” 😀#allaboard #eurosong2018 #albania

We remind you that postcards are the 60-second clips between the entries which give the ESC organizers the requisite time to remove any previous act’s equipment, to clean the stage and to put it into place for the next act. At the same time, postcards project is a unique way the host country to promote its tourism and sights.