Second Rehearsal Albania and Belgium (Continuous update)

Second Rehearsal Albania and Belgium (Continuous update)

Next in today’s program are Albania and Belgium.


Albania rehearsed before Australia because the country (Australia) has the same director as Georgia. Lindita is wearing a white veil and a white/silver dress. In the second part of the song she removes the veil and we can see the back vocalists now. A lot of problems vocally for Albania especially in the first rehearsal and in the high notes. On the backgroun we can see the same clocks and ships as in the first rehearsal.


Last country before the break is Belgium. She wears a white dress like a weeding dress with some butterflies on it.  Blanche is really stressed and you can she it on her moves and in her voice. The worst rehearsal so far. A really good song but with  a very very bad rehearsal.


Stefanos Charpantidis

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