Amir: I feel better and better!!!

Amir: I feel better and better!!!

The French candidate for the 61st Eurovision Song Contest has answered with kindness to our questions under the Amsterdam sun. Amir has been one of the most applauded artist during the show which ended that fabulous 8th edition of “Eurovision in Concert”.

A relaxed meeting, a beaming smile, a confident man, thank you The Artist!

Alain : Hi Amir, welcome within this great Eurovision Family! How do you feel only one month before the contest?

Amir : Better and better (laughs), yes, this is the way I am going to say it! It becomes more and more interesting, “THE” day is getting closer and closer and I am dying to perform on stage on May 14th!

Alain : You are among the favourites of this Swedish adventure, how do you deal with good pressure?

Amir : This is what is being said…I try to take no account of all these projections and bets, because people only judge from the video and the title. But the performance on stage, the evening of the Contest, must also be taken into account, I can make a mistake. The performance can go down well…or not. This is why I prefer to be focussed on working. This is also to prove to those who think I will reach a high level…yes, perhaps I will, but I can’t only trust that, I can’t settle myself in this idea.

You know, if I get something positive out of all these pre-Eurovision results, this would be that, at least, they seem to love the song and, perhaps, the artist also and I am realy happy about that.


Alain : Before all that, what was your representation of this event?

Amir : An excellent one!…and this is always how I see it!

Alain : « J’ai cherché » is a subtle combination of French and English, who did compose this song?

Amir : I wrote it with a good friend of mine, Nazim Khaled, who also is one of the principal collaborator in the writing of the album. We composed it with Johan Errami, a young composer. We wrote this song one year and a half ago during a sleepless night in a Parisian studio. What is interesting is that this song did not appear like an obvious single at that time. We had to present it to different persons out of the team, without any ties to the 12 tracks of the album. My manager insisted on this song from the very beginning and his opinion finally allowed us to launch it first. Seeing what is happening with that song today, I am extremely happy to see it “live” that way.

Alain : Tell me a bit more about Amir… you lived in Tel Aviv…what was your everyday life there?

Amir : It was a student daily life during his last years of dentistry school. At this very moment, I lived in Jerusalem because University was there. You know, we wake up in the morning, we take the bus, we go to university, we come back home in the evening, and we try to find spare time to play music beside.

Alain : Your album « Au Cœur de Moi » will be out on April 29th, What will be the atmosphere of your first « baby »?

Amir : I think this is an absolutely assumed electro-pop album, with a modernity of arrangements and production. But it is always linked to a strong French lyrics culture. The story told in the songs is fundamental for me. This mix of classical and modernity represents exactly what I wanted to catch out of all this, artistically speaking.

Alain : Where can I find you when you are not behind a microphone?

Amir : Generally, in front of TV, watching television series (laughs).

Alain : I am a good genius, I give you the chance to perform in a duet with the artist of your dreams (alive or dead), what would you sing and with who?

Amir : I think it would be “You are not alone” with Michael Jackson.

Alain : Tomorrow you wake up in the body of a woman…it will last 24 hours long, what do you do?

Amir : I make love!

Alain : We are now at the end of this interview…you are telling you : « This guy is completely…»?

Amir : Sympathetic (laughs)…and above all, well dressed!

Alain : What is the message you would like to deliver our readers in France or anywhere else?

Amir : I would like to tell those people who support Eurovision and who give love everyday that this is great to discover you during a contest. This is a great amount of people I knew thanks to my appearance and it is absolutely wonderful! This love that comes naturally and takes us by surprise, it makes you feel good and gives you courage for the Contest.

Euro’Idol INFE France thank you, rendez-vous in Stockholm in less than one month, good luck!


Stefanos Charpantidis

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