Andorra: Former ESC act Susanne Georgi shows the path for a Eurovision 2021 return

Andorra: Former ESC act Susanne Georgi shows the path for a Eurovision 2021 return

Just some days before the Andorran national broadcaster ruled out a Eurovision 2021 participation , a decision that finds former ESC star Sussane Georgi opposite with her claiming that she has found the way for the microstate’s return to the comeptition.

Susanne Georgi who was the last act to represent Andorra, at Eurovision 2009 with her song “La teva decisio (Get a Life)” , has taken initiative to open the way for Andorra back to the Eurovision Song Contest. Although the national broadcaster, RTVA, has expressed no intention of returning, Susanne is claimign that she has found secured funds to support such comeback.

Although the Andorran star is not revealing the sources of funding she talks about a big European country that will cover for the budget essential for a Eurovision participation. Sussane revealed talking to  Euromovidas podcast, that last October, she had put on the table an offer to the Andorran president Xavier Espot and RTVA director Xavier Mujal and is waiting for them to answer back.

In addition Georgi outlines other miscrostates that have been part of the Eurovision family, like San Marino that is taking part in the competition the latest years.

And Sussane’s initiative seems to winning ground among other past ESC acts, such as the Andorran ESC 2007 representative, Nick Gain — the leader of  Eurovision 2007 punk-pop band Anonymous

The Story so far

Andorra has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest six times. It debuted at the 2004 contest and participated every year until the 2009 contest. A majority of the competing songs were sung in Catalan, the national language of Andorra. Interest in the contest had been great for some time before 2004, despite the local Andorran broadcaster, Ràdio i Televisió d’Andorra (RTVA), not airing the contest until the early 2000s. Previously, citizens could watch it on either Spanish or French stations. Andorra’s best result in the contest was in 2007 when it came 12th in th semi final without advancing to the grand final.

Andorra’s last participation took place in 2009 with Susanne Georgi who  represented the country  with “La teva decisio (Get a Life)”.

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