Argo’s first live performance of Utopian Land at INFE Greece’s Party.

Argo’s first live performance of Utopian Land at INFE Greece’s Party.

It took us more than a month and  INFE Greece’s Party to hear  this year’s Greek entry performed live for the very first time. Though all this time dozens  of acts performed their songs live to audiences in Riga, Amsterdam, Moscow, London and Tel Aviv, Argo due to low budget reasons have missed out all these events.

Thankfully, Greece’s this year’s representatives had the chance to perform their song Utopian Land for the first time in front of a live audience during the Annual Eurovision Party held my INFE Greece.

Without doubt the members of the group can deliver successfully a song mixed with ethnic and modern sounds combined with a sense of mystery and sensuality. The female vocalist Christina Lachana and Maria Elbrus introduce you to the song beautifully and leave Vladimiros Sofianidis take over  vocally in a very confident and firm way with his rap segments .


















Every year INFE Greece hosts a special Eurovision party to honour the Greek entry and other guest Eurovision stars from the past. This year’s acts included, Takis Biniaris (1984) Constantinos Christoforou (2005), Barrice, Risky Kidd (2014) and of course Argo.

Argo apart from their entry sang covers of Sergey Lazarev’s “You Are The Only One” and Minus One’s “Alter Ego”.

Following the party, Argo spoke with Greece’s Alpha TV and responded to the criticism their song has received:

Both negative and positive comments are welcome. Negative comments make us better because we read them and when they are correct, try to improve ourselves. Our goal right now is to focus on the task at hand and this is to do our best in the stage of Stockholm…

And who do they fear the most?
We’re not afraid of the other songs, we like the other songs. We really like France and Australia, but our favourites change day by day…


Watch below the first live performance of Argo’s Utopian Land and form your own opinion. 

Angelo D.

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