Armenia 2018: Sevak’s second technical rehearsal

Armenia 2018: Sevak’s second technical rehearsal

Armenia opens the 6th day of rehearsals with its representative  Sevak Khanagyan on stage to rehearse for the second time. Sevak is preforming the song « «Qami » (Wind), being the winner of the national final Depi Evratesil.

Not any notable changes in this second rehearsal for Sevak as the stack with columns placed circularly, reminiscent of Stonehenge, and the Armenian artist dressed in dark gray.

The song starts with the singer in the center of the stage and close camera shots of his face. As the song is delivered progressively more panoramic shots of the stage are displayed . Blue background for this participation, which at some point turns red and returns back to blue again.

Vocally he is really stable and good. His performance is as dynamic and powerful it needs to express the escalation of the song.

Take a look at Sevak’s second powerful performance:

Angelo D.

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