Armenia 2019: All you need to know about Srbuk and her entry “Walking out”

Armenia 2019: All you need to know about Srbuk and her entry “Walking out”

Armenia this year opted for an internal selection in order to select its Eurovision 2019 representative. After last year’s poor results, the national broadcaster ARΜTV left aside the Depi Evratesil national final format and held castings of acts to choose its new Eurovision representative, being the first one to reveal its act. Eventually Srbuk was the one selected internally and will represent Armenia with her song“Walking out”.

A few words about Srbuk

Srbuk (Srbuhi Sargsyan is her full name) was born in 1994 in the Armenian capitly city of Herevanν. In the age of 16 only, she participated in the first season of the armenian  X-Factor talent show in which she finished 2nd. Following that success forms her own group named  Allusion, while in 2018 she takes part in the Ukrainian version of the talent show The Voice where she ends in the 4th place.

Her music has strong influences from legendary artists as Aretha Franklin, Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald,  and from soul και R&B acts such as Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and Michael Jackson. All these influences and experieces were transmuted in her first single entitled  “Yete Karogh Es” which topped Armenia;s charts for weeks.

Just recently she released her new single entitled “Half a goddess

The entry “Walking Out”

The song that Srbuk will be performing in Tel Aviv is called “Walking out”. Composers of the song are two Armenian musicians, namely  “Lost Capital” and “tokionine”. The lyrics of the song were written by Garik Papoyan, who was the writer of the song  “Not Alone” the entry sung by the Armenian ESC 2014 representative,  Aram MP3 who finished 4th in the grand final.

Η Srbuk through a press release stated:

“When I first heard the melody, visions flashed before my eyes. Events that haven’t yet become memories… I realised that this fight and the collapse of the emotions inside me have to be reflected in my song. I want to tell myself and everybody else: “Don’t kill love, but don’t let it kill you.”

“We wanted to visually portray the emotions within a loving but betrayed heart. When you think you will be filled with joy, but instead there is not enough air to breathe. When you want to share your happiness, but instead you start loosing yourself: your hands are tied, your emotions are overwhelming, you keep pretending just to keep your love alive. But what are you waiting for? How long can you play by these rules? These are the questions and emotions visualised in the music video.”

Here are the lyrics of the song: 

Who are you, what you really do,

When you have to fight the agony,

that’s aiming back at you

Who are you

Who you run to

Depend, defend, hope on,

Can you function on your own
Are you from those

who will swallow down

The pain, disgrace

the sadness (yeah)

when the one

You love so much

Can take your soul

And break it
Wait for, oh wait for

What I waited for

Wait for o wait for

On no I’m done~~
Walking out (uhuuu)

Whatever I’ve built

I’m gonna burn down

I’m walking out (uhuuu)

You’re no more a king

‘cuz I’ was your crown
Walking out, walking out

No crying now

Walking out walking out

No begging now

Walking out (uhuu)

At last, I feel proud

I’m walking out
First you said, you would die for me

But~ in the end I was the one

bleeding all alone

First you said

You kneeled, you swore

You loved, you lived for me

How could you forget it all
Are you from those

Who can take a loving heart

And squeeze it out of love

Than prepare to slowly get

Not loved but hated instead
You knew that my heart wasn’t small

But somehow you came and filled it all

Srbuk will perform Walking Out in the first half of the 2nd semi final on May 16. Below is the official music video of Armenia’s entry:

The Eurovision Story so Far

Armenia participated first time in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004. The best results for the country came in 2008 with Sirusho and  in 2014 with Aram Mp3 achieving both a 4th in the Grand Final. Since its debut hasn’t missed a contest except in 2012 when the country withdrew from the contest.

In its 12 years of participation Armenia has managed 7 top 10 placings establishing her as one of the most successful countries in the contest. In 2018 the Depi Evratesil 2018 winner   Sevak Khanagyan  represented Armenia in Lisbon with his entry Qami. Depsite his impressive vocal performance he didn’t make it to the final.

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