Armenia: AMPTV withdraws from Junior Eurovision 2020

Armenia: AMPTV withdraws from Junior Eurovision 2020

The Armenian national broadcaster, APMTV, has announced that the country is withdrawing from the upcoming Junior Eurovision 2020 in Warsaw due to the war in Nagorno-Karabakh ( Artsakh) . 

After 13 edition of consecutive appearances in Junior Eurovision since 2007 they debuted in the contest, Armenia is withdrawing for the first time this year from the competition, as the war conflict  in Nagorno – Karabakh ( Artsakh) is escalating. With martial law imposed on the country statewidem, APMTV found themselves in a position where preparations for the Armenina delegation were not feasilbe anymore. 

Martin Österdahl, Executive Supervisor of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, said:

“Armenia is one of Junior Eurovision’s most successful competitors, having participated in 13 previous contests and never finished outside the top 10. We understand the reasons for their withdrawal, but it’s very sad news and they will be missed. We hope to welcome them back in 2021.”

The Armenian Head of Delegation revealed on his instagram account that 13 yo Malena Fox was internally selected to represent the nation back in  July. The fact was confimred by Malena herself and the song she was set to perform in Warsaw will be released due in course.

After Armenia’s withdrawal the upcoming contest is left with 12 competing countries to take part in the competition on November 29 in Warsaw.

The Junior Eurovision story so far

Armenia participated first time in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2007. The country has scored remarkable successive results as it has achieved a top 3 placing 7 times . Armenia won the contest back in 2010 with  Vladimir Arzumanyan with his song Mama. Even on their first participation, the country almost won the competition with  Arevik and her song Erazanq which finshed just one point from the top. The worst result came in 2008 with the entry Im Ergi Hnchyune, performed by Monica Manucharova, who finished 8th.

Last year Karina Ignatyan was crowned winner of the national final  and went on performing her entry Colours of your dream in Gliwice-Silesia where she finished 9th with 115 points.

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