Armenia: Athena Manoukian releases her brand new song “Dolla”

Armenia: Athena Manoukian releases her brand new song “Dolla”

Athena Manoukian, the Armenian Eurovision 2020 act, has released her brand new single titled “Dolla”.

Athena like the other 40 ESC 2020 act saw her Eurovision 2020 journey remain incomplete due to the covid-19 outbreak but the Greek-Armenian act is treating her upgrowing fan community with with a brand new single.

Athena’s new song is called “Dolla” and is quite similar to the sounds we’ve seen in her Eurovision 2020 entry “Chains on you”. Her new song contains a combination of urban and pop sounds. Once again Athena has written herself the lyrics and has worked for the producition with DJ Paco. 

The new song is fully released on Spotify and Apple Music’s platform while a preview video has been uploaded on Youtube.


You can listen to  Athena’s new song on Apple Music platform:


About Athena Manoukian

Manoukian’s first experience in the music industry was in 2007, when she participated in and won first prize at a talent contest called “This Is What’s Missing”, an international TV show production of Alpha Television Network Greece.

A year later, in 2008, she participated in the Greek national selection for the 2008 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song “To Fili Tis Aphroditis” where she placed seventh .

In 2011, Manoukian released her first single named “Party Like A Freak”, which became one of the biggest hit singles in Greece and has over a million views on YouTube. Following the success of “Party Like A Freak”, which was nominated twice for winning an award at the Video Music Awards, in 2012 she released a follow-up single “I Surrender” which instantly became the summer hit of year. She added a new song to her music discography a few months later named “Na Les Pos M’ agapas”.Manoukian also received a Gold Disc for “Party Like A Freak”, “I Surrender” and Na Les Pos M’agapas (Say that you love me)

In 2014, Manoukian released the single XO, published by Warner/Chappell and Max Music Scandinavia. The track was recorded in Sweden, Stockholm, and its music video was shot in Sydney, Australia with a successful music video and had great success in Europe, Asia, Australia and America. The collaboration of a team behind the likes of Celine Dion, Madonna, Selena Gomez, Ace of Base, Ashley Tisdale, Enrique Iglesias, Ola Svensson, Jennifer Lopez, GLEE and several others involved in the making of this production couldn’t have been better. She also reached number 1 in charts and won the Armenian Pulse Awards competition for Best Song In English. She also won the European Song Contest in Armenia with 122 votes.

In 2017, Manoukian broke into the music industry as a songwriter and wrote the music and lyrics for “Palia Mou Agapi”, performed by Helena Paparizou, the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2005. Manoukian got a Platinum Disc, as the song reached over a thousand sales.

Athena in Eurovision

The Armenian national final of  Depi Evratesil 2020, took place on February 15 crowning as winner Athena Manoukian with her entry Chains on you, earning the right to represent the country at Eurovision 2020. Behind the entry is herself and  DJ Paco. As the contest was cancelled Athena saw her Eurovision journey going incomplete. Meanwhile the Armenian broadcaster hasn’t revealed yet its plans for Eurovision 2021.

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