Armenia: Genealogy’s first member revealed.

Armenia: Genealogy’s first member revealed.

The Armenian national broadcaster , ARMTV, revealed the first name of  the six acts that are going to represent Armenia in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna.

essai-1 French Armenian singer Essaï Altounian will be part of the 6 member group Genealogy. He will represent the continent of Europe in Genealogy.

Ispired from the  idea of peace, unity, and tolerance AMPTV  has as an  objective this time to  unite   the Armenian people spread through the 5 continents of the world since 1915. 5 singers from Europe, Asia, America, Africa, and Australia with Armenian origin are associated with the 5 petals of the Forget-me-not flower. The 6th artist from Armenia will join the group to unify the petals.

In 2014 Armenia opted for an internal selection in order to select its Eurovision act and entry.Aram Mp3 flew the Armenian flag at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen with his entry Not Alone, achieving an honorable 4th placing in the grand final.

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