Armenia: Genealogy’s song and video go public on 12 March

Armenia: Genealogy’s song and video go public on 12 March

 The Armenian national broadcaster, ARMTV, has announced  that the 2015 Armenian Eurovision entry Don’t deny wil be premiered for the very first time on Wednesday 12 March at 18:30 CET.

Genealogy consists of  6 singers representing 5 continents and Armenia: Mary-Jean O’DohertyVasmatzian (Australia), Essaï Altounian (Europe), Stephanie Topalian (Asia), Vahe Tilbian(Africa) and Tamar Kaprelian (America). The sixth member representing Armenia will be revealed on 12 March when ARMTV will premiere the song and videoclip of the 2015 Armenian Eurovision entry Don’t deny.

Don’t deny will be  premiered will be AMPTV at 18:30 CET (21:30 local time) right after the main news. Eurovision fans will be able to watch it  simultaneously on

604098_893818260638536_3861338588243950909_nFor another year the Armenian representative for the Eurovision Song Contest  is being determined through an internal selection.Ispired from the  idea of peace, unity, and tolerance AMPTV  has as an  objective this time to  unite   the Armenian people spread through the 5 continents of the world since 1915. 5 singers from Europe, Asia, America, Africa, and Australia with Armenian origin are associated with the 5 petals of the Forget-me-not flower. The 6th artist from Armenia will join the group to unify the petals.




Last year  Armenia through an internal selection sent.Aram Mp3  to fly the Armenian flag at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen with his entry Not Alone, which climbed up to the  4th place in the grand final.

Armenia participated in the contest for the first time in 2006 but hasn’t achieved yet a victory. The country’s best placing was in 2008 where it achieved a 4th placing in thr Grand Final with Sirusho’s  entry Qele Qele and  Aram Mp3′s 4th placing in 2014 with Not Alone. Armenia has competed 8 times in Europe’s favorite television show and has achieved a total of 6 times  placing in the TOP 10 in the final  (2006-2010) and in 2014.

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