Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan releases ‘LoveWave’

Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan releases ‘LoveWave’

Since Iveta Mukuchyan was announced as the next representative of Armenia via an internal selection, all Eurovision fans were really thrilled and looking forward to listening to the song. The moment has arrived: Iveta Mukuchyan has finally debuted “LoveWave” her song for Eurovision 2016. The song was created by Lilith Navasardyan and Levon Navasardyan, authors that co-composed Mika‘s Love for JESC 2015 and Aram MP3‘s Not alone for ESC 2014. The lyrics of ‘Love wave’ have been written by Iveta Mukuchyan and Stephanie Crutchfield.


The abstract music video is ready, features top model Ben Dahlhaus and we can FINALLY enjoy it!

Along with her big reveal, Iveta explained why she chose this song:

I wanted to sing about a feeling we all know and crave for. A feeling that creates and destroys, empowers and weakens, rips and completes. A feeling out of space and time, that is unpredictable as an ocean and as powerful as a wave. A feeling that is worth fighting for…Love.

George Michail

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