Armenia: L.E.V.O.N to represent the country in Junior Eurovision 2018

Armenia: L.E.V.O.N to represent the country in Junior Eurovision 2018

L.E.V.O.N is the winner of  Depi Manakan Evratesil and will represent Armenia in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Minsk.

Armenian national final show took place in Yerevan and was the was the first one since 2014. From 2015, Armenia has selected internally its Junior Eurovision entry, but  the years 2008- 2014  used a national final formula called Junior Eurosong . Mika and Dalita were the night’s hosts, both former Armenian participants in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The show included some special guest stars among them: Misha (JESC Armenia 2017), Sevak Khanagyan (ESC Armenia 2018) and Nemra (Depi Evratesil 2018 runner-up).

The ten competing finalists were:

  1. Lia – Kamats-Kamats (Little by little)
  2. Anahit Arakelyan – Shabadabadam
  3. Harut Harutyunyan – Amar e (It’s summertime)
  4. Lily – Paykar (Struggle)
  5. Vova – Leggo
  6. Serzh Arakelyan – Good Mood
  7. Vardan Margaryan – Chanaparh (Road)
  8. Eliza – Im Yerazank (My dream)
  9. L.E.V.O.N – L.E.V.O.N
  10. Ani – Angels

Below you can see the winning performance of the next Armenian Junior Eurovision 2018 representative L.E.V.O:

The Junior Eurovision story so far

Armenia participated first time in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2007. The country has scored remarkable successive results as it has achieved a top 3 placing 7 times . Armenia won the contest back in 2010 with  Vladimir Arzumanyan with his song Mama. Even on their first participation, the country almost won the competition with   Arevik and her song Erazanq which finshed just one point from the top. Themworst result came in 2008 with the entry Im Ergi Hnchyune, performed by Monica Manucharova, who finished 8th.

Lets remember the Armenian winning entry of Junior Eurovision in 2010:

Stay tuned on the INFE Network for more news for upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest next November in Minsk, Belarus.

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