Armenia: Listen to the first 5 “Depi Evratesil 2018” competing songs.

Armenia: Listen to the first 5 “Depi Evratesil 2018” competing songs.

The Armenian national selection ,Depi Evratesil 2018, is progressively unfolding as the country is heading to determine its next Eurovision representative. Although the names of the 20 finalists (Robert Koloyan, Sevak Khanaghyan, Suren Poghosyan, Mger Armenia, Tyom, Zhanna Davtyan, Hayk Kasparov, Gevorg Harutyunyan, Maria’s Secret, Hasmik Shiroyan, Angel, Amaliya Margaryan, Tamar Kaprelian, Lusine Mardanyan, Arman Mesropyan, Mariam, Kamil, Nemra, Alternative, Gata) have been revealed since December, it was not until now we had the chance to listen to the competing songs.  According to Depi Evratesil’s  2018 production every day a pack of five songs will be revealed for listening until we reach the number of 20 songs.

Listen to the first five competing acts for Armenia:


She was a contestant in last year’s national final too. She was on Hayko’s team and although she managed to qualify in the duels round she was beaten by Anna Danielyan. Amaliya has some T.V experience too as participated in Russia’s Golos  back in 2015  and the Ukrainian version of X-Factor.


Hayk’s Spanish sounded song  is a result of Rafael Artesero’s and  Jose Juan Santan’s collaboration. Rafael was the lyricist of the Eurovision entries of Andorra in 2005 and 2006.  Ο Hayk  apart from Spanish, was born in Armenia and lives the present time in Germany. In 2009 he won the  Golden Lyre award for song of the month.


 NEMRA is a four member group who all come from Yerevan and play mostly rock music. The groups members have lately stated that their rock music is a mix of “madenning” Indian Rock, light rock, British rock, traditional rock and meditation rock. Notable is the way their name was chosen since it’s the word ARMEN spelling it backwards .


Tamar is the only competing singer with Eurovision experience, since she has performed on a Eurovision stage back in 2015, being a member of the group Genealogy ,who performed the song Face the Shadow which finished in the 16th place of the Grand final. This year she make a comeback with the interesting song Poison (Ari Ari)

Last but not least from this first group of five is  Suren Poghosyan with a rather beautiful and dynamic ballad song.The 19 years old artist introduces himself as a singer, director and actor also. He had participated in the Armenian edition of  X-factor talent show and won the first award in the “Pop Vocal” category at the Resonance International Music Festival.

Depi Evratesil will include three rounds. A qualifying round, a semi final and a grand final. The first round will kick of on February 3 and the final winner will be determined by a combination of public and international juries voting.

In 2017 Artsvik represented Armenia in Kiev with her song «Fly With Me» and ended up 18th in the Grand Final.

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