Armenia: Tonight the 2nd semi-final of Depi Evratesil

Armenia: Tonight the 2nd semi-final of Depi Evratesil

Tonight, Armenia proceeds to the second semifinal of its national selection process, “Depi  Evratesil”, through which another five finalist will qualify to the final of February 25th . The show will be broadcasted live on the AMP TV frequency. The show will be hosted by the famous Armenian TV presenter, Gohar Kasparian.

The preparations for today’s semifinal are feverish and the agony is high after Tamar Kaprielian‘s exclusion. The organizers of Depi Evratesil want to deliver a beautiful night for both participants and contestants. The Armenian audience, after five years, will again have the opportunity to co-decide, together with an international jury, which artist will fly to Lisbon. Audience and jury will co-decide by 50-50% influence.

The following 10 artists will compete in the 2nd semifinal:

  • Maria’s Secret«Escape»
  • Arman Mesropyan«What You Hide»
  • Kamil Show«Puerto Rico»
  • Suren Poghosyan«The Voice»
  • AlternatiV«Stare at Me»
  • Amaliya Margaryan«Waiting for the Sun»
  • TyoM«Follow the Ocean»
  • Sevak Khanagyan«Qami»
  • Mariam Petrosyan«Fade»
  • Asmik Shiroyan«You and I»

Below, you can get a small taste of the entries and the contestants rehearsal :

You can watch Armenia’s second Semi Final, from Depi Evratesil’s YouTube channel at 19.15 CET.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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