Armenia’s First Rehearsal

Armenia’s First Rehearsal


Iveta Mukuchyan just finished her first rehearsal in the Globen Arena. Her Lovewave performance is sure going to be a wave of music and presentation that is going to fill up the stage in a very impressive way!

We get introduced into the song by Iveta being in the darkness. She is wearing a sexy bodysuit, fishnet stockings and flowing hair. During the sonic boom, Iveta is illuminated in red while the LED’s on the stage go crazy. During the instrumental section in the middle, holograms are layered over Iveta to give the illusion of multiple Iveta’s. The sonic boom section is elevated even further with flames and fireworks.The whole presentation is really impressive and her Lovewave seems enough sail her to the final.TH0000123_2 TH0000123_1

Angelo D.

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