Australia 2018: Jessica on stage for her 2nd Rehearsal

Australia 2018: Jessica on stage for her 2nd Rehearsal

Jessica Mauboy is the next to rehearse with “We Got Love” . The performer wears the same purple dress with rhinestones and red horns.

In the first run, the performance starts in the dark while the singer is rocking according to the pace of the drums’ music. There is a construction with parallel lamps that blink in different colors behind her.

The camera rotates around it and the shots are moving with fast turns. The shots are clearly improved but there are some vocal problems and the artist loses some notes and the high notes.

Fireworks are then performed with Jessica dancing, while the stage at the end of the song darkens again. Although it is a beautiful and dynamic presentation, it does not convince you that it can go too high.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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