Australia calls for a permanent right of participation in the Eurovision Song Contest

Australia calls for a permanent right of participation in the Eurovision Song Contest

 After Isaih’s Firebrace 9th placing in Kiev, the third in a row top 10 placing for Australia, it seems Aussie enthusiasm has hit red making them to call for a permanent right of participating in the Eurovision Contest.

Despite the fact that Australia’s this year’s entry  Don’t Come Easy got only 2 points from the televoting and these entirely from Denmark, the national juries advanced here with a 9th placing on the grand final scoreboard.

After the 62nd edition of this year’s contest 17 year old Isaih stated to the media:

“The whole atmosphere was fantastic. I used all of this energy in my performance. To meet and sing alongside with so many artists from all the world and to get to know Ukraine and its people, was a unique experience that i will never forget. It was really an honor for me to represent Australia.”

So it seems as nothing is more permanent than something temporary. The general director of Australia’s national broadcaster (SBS)  Michael Ebeid  talked about the county’s future in the contest

“Australia’s audience has a love feeling for  Eurovision that lasts more than 30 years. We have managed to increase that interest. SBS shares the same values with the Eurovision Song Contest, celebrating diversity. Adding another top 10 placing result it’s difficult for EBU to ignore is in the next contest. I think we have the right for a permanent position”.



 Australia after the guest performance of  Jessica Mauboy  in the Eurovision 2014 2nd semi final in Copenhagen, has been receiving since than a special invitation by EBU to participate and has competed three times so far.  In 2016 indeed,  the country’s representative  Dami Im with her entry το Sound Of Silence almost won the contest ending 2nd behind Ukraine.  According to EBU regulations if Australia ever wins the contest , the country will organize the contest in European soil in collaboration with another participating country. According to  Christer Bjorkman’s  revealing statement this country will be Germany.

Watch below this year Australia’s entry Don’t come easy  by Isaih Firebrace:

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