Australia: Guy Sebastian releases new emotional ballad ‘Standing with you’

Australia: Guy Sebastian releases new emotional ballad ‘Standing with you’

Australia’s first Eurovision participant, Guy Sebastian, has released a new emotional ballad titled “Standing with you” conveying strong messages to the audience. 

The talented Australian act, that represented the Aussies in Eurovision 2015, the country’s debut participation in the contest, is back with  his new ballad “Standing with you” . In less that a day from its release it has already reached #1 on the Australian itunes chart.

Guy’s new song is his fourth single from his forthcoming new album, which will be his ninth personal studio album. The song is an emotional ballad that conveys to the audience strong messages, as it his inspired by the isolating conditions people have been experiencing in present times due to the coronavirus outbreak.

It’s lyrics is an anthem to solidarity and humanism as it refers to people that find themselves in isolation or orther hard circumstance and need our hand of help to get through the difficulties

Through a video message explaining that the lyrics of the song are very personal to him. He shared:

 “A family member of mine was going through a very tough time, and he was brave enough to share his battle with his own mental health, and that inspired this song.”

Along with his new single Guy has released the official music video of it that you can watch on Youtube:

Guy Sebastian in Eurovision

Guy was internally selected to represent the Aussies back in Eurovision 2015 that marked the country’s first participation in the contest. The talented Australian act performed his entry “Again Tonight” and achieve a top-5 placing by finishing 5th, the country second best result.

Ahead of his Eurovision participation he won the first Australian Idol in 2003, and served as a judge on Australia’s The X Factor in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2016. Since the Contest he has been active on the Australian and International stage, releasing music, touring, songwriting, producing for other artists, being a regular coach on The Voice Australia, working with multiple charities, and actively campaigning for support for artists during the Covid-19 pandemic.

On the current season of The Voice he is coaching Johnny Manuel (a member of Equinox, who represented Bulgaria in the 2018 contest).

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