Australia: SBS- “We can not imagine we will not broadcast Eurovision 2019”

Australia: SBS- “We can not imagine we will not broadcast Eurovision 2019”

While the boycott voices of the next Israeli contest rise in Europe, on the other side of the earth, something was heard in a completely different direction. Australia’s public broadcaster, SBS, through its CEO,Michael Ebeid, responded to a MP’s question, stating he could not imagine not broadcasting the next Eurovision.

The MP of the Green, Lee Rhiannon, in her questioning on the country’s public broadcaster, wondered if what’s going on in the region would affect the participation or even the transmission of the contest by SBS.

Michael Ebeid addressing Lee Rhiannon said:

“The meaning of Eurovision is to forget about politics and everything that is related to it and to unite societies and countries in the spirit of music, celebration, culture. This contest goes beyond anything you say. Israel has won again, has re-organized the competition and in the spirit of uniting people and cultures, I can not imagine that we will not pass Eurovision 2019”.

When asked if there was a disposition from other countries to boycott the contest, the CEO of SBS explained:

“I can safely say that I do not see any serious mood for boycott. I know it has been said by some aspects, but as I have seen, I have said that EBU has a concern to unite people and different communities, not to separate them. The Eurovision Song Contest is over the politics”.

Australia has not yet confirmed its participation since it is taking place from 2015 onwards with special status. The Kangaroo country requires a special invitation from the EBU and the organizing country, which is the last four years.

This year, Jessica Mauboy represented  Australia with the song “We Got Love” and palced 20th in the final.

Fotis Kourouvanis

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