Australia: “We got love” now officially released

Australia: “We got love” now officially released

A few hours ago, we watched a teaser of “We got love” has been released on Maubou’s social media accounts, waiting for the official video clip. Although the artist and the Australian national broadcaster were preparing us for tomorrow, the official video clip was released eventually today.

Jessica Mauboy will represent her country at  the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 and this year, it will be the fourth time that Australia will take part in the contest with SBS again to have made an internal choice.

This will also be the second time that Jessica Mauboy will be on Eurovision stage as she participated as an interval act in 2014 in Denmark. In 2018, Jessica will be back on stage at Eurovision with the song “We Got Love”. The creators of the entry are Anthony Egizii & David Musumec of DNA music, who were also the creators of “Sound of silence” and “Dont come easy”, deliverd  by Dami im and Isaiah respectively.

The song had leaked a few days ago but SBS claimed it was just a demo.But it was not!

Watch below the video clip »We Got Love»:

Fotis Kourouvanis

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