Australia’s First rehearsal

Australia’s First rehearsal

The rehearsal program will be over for today with Dami Im from Korea (but she represents Australia). The acts begins and we can she Dami sitting on a top of a high box in the middle of the stage. She is wearing a white dress with some crystals on it. She is also wearing a blue tights, which is a virtual reality.  On the screen, we can see images like a city skyline and some floating images of people. These floating images create an illusion and it seems like Dami is floating with the box.  Two stagehands help Dami get off the box, and she finishes the song in front of the box. The Australian’s are also using a wind machine. There were also some changes according to the original song (studio version). There are some changes of the vocal pitch and the ending is bigger and more powerful. Vocally, the performance needs some improvement, but if you put it all together, Australia is a potential winner this year. 






Stefanos Charpantidis

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