As national finals are unfolding accross Europe determining the ESC 2020 participants, an former Eurovision participant, Cesár Sampson, confirmed that he will be present at the next edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. 

Cesár Sampson, the Austrian ESC 2018 representative, revealed that he will be present in Rotterdam next May. Cesár was as a guest on the morning radio show  Ö3 – Wecker  within his promotion activities of his new song , Lazy Suit, which came out today. Talking about the Eurovision Song Contest, he confirmed that he will be present in Rotterdam, not as a representative or competing act but as member of the production team of another entry. Without naming the participating song, he cleared out that the entry has no relation to the Austrian and German entry.

In 2018 Austria selected Cesar Sampson via an internal selection and represented the country with his entry Nobody but you. The Austrian act achieved a honorable 3rd placing in the Grand Final by winning  the jury voting winning the jury voting.