The Austrian winner of Eurovision 2014, Conchita Wurst is back and released her new song Für mich soll’s rote Rosen regnen (It should rain red roses for me), just before her new album “From Vienna With Love” in collaboration with the Wiener Symphoniker orchestragoes public.

Conchita released one of her favorite songs from her new album From Vienna With Love, which was recorded with the famous Symphonic Viennese Orchestra .The song entitled Für mich soll’s rote Rosen regnen (It should rain red roses for me) is a cover of a song originally sung by the legendary German actress, singer and writer  Hildegard Knef (1925-2002).


The lyrics are very powerful and meanful! The songs refers to someone looking back to his past and to what he expected and wanted as seeking for wonder, luck and love. But as life passes by and the expectations are not met, the desire still remains: it should rain red roses.

Conchita herself shared via her personal facebook account her love for the specific song outlining it as her favorite from her new album:

Her new album will go public on October 19 and already her song Für mich soll’s rote Rosen regnen is availiable on platforms as  Spotify:

Conchita in  Eurovision 2014

Conchita Wurst, the so much-talked drag artist Thomas Neuwirth, represented Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen,Denmark . With her dynamic stage performance of her ballad Rise like a phoenix, she was crowned winner with 290 points giving Austria her 2nd victory in the competition.