Austria: Final 6 entries decided

Austria: Final 6 entries decided

The 3rd show of the Austrian national selection, Wer singt für Österreich?, took place where the 6 artists performed 2 of their potential Eurovision entries for the first time.Each of the 6 finalists performed 2 new songs each, both of which were potential entries for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.

Once each of the 6 candidates performed their 2 bidding entries, it was down to the coaches (Anna F., Nazar and The BossHoss) to decide which of the songs should qualify to the final of the national selection. All of the entries can be watched via the website HERE.


  • Celina AnnUtopia
  • DawaFeel alive
  • FolkshilfeWho you are
  • Johann Sebastian BassAbsolutio
  • The MakemakesI am yours
  • ZoeQuel filou

The grand final that will decide the next Austrian representative for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled for March 13.

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